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The Gulf of Propriano Region - Southern Corsica

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Établissement de luxe proche de Propriano


A treasure between the sea and the scrubland. L’hôtel Le Golfe is located in a setting of beauty, and natural and incomparable splendour in the heart of the Isle of Beauty. Situated in a peaceful and natural setting, while still close to Ajaccio and Propriano, our 5-star hotel is the perfect starting point to explore and admire the region, via leisure activities and a host of sports and cultural activities. In fact, the Hôtel le Golfe supports the Natura 2000 action, an ecological network of natural sites throughout Europe. With 1047 km of coastline, Corsica is home to 17 Natura 2000 sites.

Prehistoric Site of Filitosa


Prehistoric Site listed as a Historic Monument. Due to its concentration of statue menhirs, it is unquestionably one of the major sites of Prehistoric Corsica.

Filitosa has jealously guarded its statue menhirs, circular monuments (the “Torre”) and mysteries for 8000 years…

An open-air museum, Filitosa preserves the traces of a very long occupation, from the 6th millennium BC up to the Roman occupation.

Discover the winegrowing estates


A region renowned for the quality of its wines


Discover the Estates of  Pratavone et de Vaccelli.

Discover the hilltop villages

Some of the island’s most beautiful villages

From the crossroads of Santa Giulia when leaving Propriano, discover some typical Corsican villages.

Bains de Baracci

Sulphurous thermal springs, known since the Roman era: dermatosis, rheumatology, osteoarticular consequences of trauma.

In the countryside, this beautiful building, abandoned a long time ago, generates an atmosphere full of history. The Roman thermal baths were totally renovated in 1992.

Come and discover the benefits of the naturally warm and sulphurous waters of the Bains de Baracci to enjoy a real moment of relaxation and well-being. 

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